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Experience the first AI-trained digital Teaching Assistant. Adapts to your style, understands your policies, streamlines your day. Teach more, stress less.

Amazing Features

Supercharge Your Teaching Toolbox

Smart Lesson Planning

TeachFirst can help you craft tailored lesson plans that adapt to individual student needs and curricular goals, saving hours of preparation time.

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Find the Right Words

Struggling with getting the right words? TeachFirst refines, proofreads, and adjusts text to varying reading levels, ensuring every student gets content tailored to their understanding.

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Effortless Parent Communication

Keeping parents in the loop has never been easier! TeachFirst streamlines your parent updates, reminders, and feedback, ensuring strong classroom-home connections.

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Interactive Lesson Idea Generator

The best lessons are ones that students can touch, feel, and do. TeachFirst helps you think of hands-on and fun ways to teach, making learning exciting and real for every student.

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Automatic Quiz Builder

Ditch the old, time-consuming methods of crafting quizzes and tests. Our tool swiftly creates comprehensive assessments, tailored to specific content areas, ensuring both variety and relevancy.

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24/7 Dedicated TA

Imagine always having a teacher's helper, day and night. Whether you're planning lessons, setting up schedules, or chatting with others, it's here to make every task smoother and simpler.

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More Features

What Took You 60 Minutes,Now Takes 60 Seconds.

Every Student, Every Need, We've Got It.

Prioritize safety while personalizing learning for every student. With TeachFirst, inclusivity and protection are always front and center.

  • FERPA & COPPA Safe
  • Level-Up Communication
  • Adjustable Comprehension Levels

Experience the Classroom Magic

Crafting standout lessons and providing speedy feedback becomes second nature. Watch your students thrive and shine, lesson after lesson.

  • Tailored fun lessons
  • Endless Creative Ideas
  • Expert Feedback for Your Classroom

What Educators Are Saying...

Jasmine H.

Elementary School Teacher, Washington

"From brainstorming lesson ideas to getting feedback, the AI-powered support in TeachFirst is like having a co-teacher available 24/7. A game-changer for sure!"

Alex B.

High School Teacher

"Just did the story crafter and nearly spiked my phone in celebration.. it hatched up an awesome story.. relatability to the students etc.  this is awesome.  Truly!"

Leo R.

6th Grade Teacher

"This is incredible.. it just created a weeks lesson plan for me.  And way better content/assessments etc then pre loaded content on blackboard and or canvas.  . This is solid."

Emma L.

High School English Teacher

"Holy s@#t.  This is awesome!  I know what I’m doing this weekend!"

Kendall S.

Elementary School Teacher

"This is awesome. I know a ton of people who would be interested in this. I tried out different age appropriate text and felt like it was extremely beneficial. It prompts open ended  conversation and critical thinking."


Some Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions

How does TeachFirst enhance classroom engagement?


By providing tools like Expressive Lesson Design and Ideas Insight, educators can create captivating lessons and get valuable feedback on their concepts, ensuring students are consistently engaged and inspired.

Can TeachFirst support multiple languages?


Yes! Our Level-Up Communication feature ensures educators can communicate clearly in various languages, ensuring inclusivity and understanding in diverse classrooms.

How do I get started with TeachFirst?


Just sign up on our platform, follow the easy setup steps, and you'll be on your way to revolutionizing your teaching experience.

Do I need any technical knowledge to use TeachFirst?


Not at all. TeachFirst is designed to be user-friendly. Whether you're tech-savvy or a beginner, you'll find it easy to navigate and use.

Is my students' information safe with TeachFirst?


Absolutely. TeachFirst is fully compliant with FERPA and COPPA regulations. We never ask for or store any student personal identifiable information (SPII).

How can TeachFirst save me time?


TeachFirst streamlines administrative tasks, automates lesson planning, and offers instant content generation. These features combined can save educators up to 10 hours a week.

Is there a cost associated with using TeachFirst?


We offer various pricing plans to suit different needs, including a free basic version and premium plans with additional features.

Can I get support if I face any issues?


Of course! Our dedicated support team is always here to assist you with any questions or challenges you might encounter.

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